Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Following the sixth studio production, Paul Camilleri released his second live album. 
After recording „ONE STEP CLOSER“ with Roland Sumi and Tom Beck, the band played many concerts and recorded a handful of them. Choosing the best performances out of these concerts the new „LIVE II“ record draws a great picture of the bands ability.

The repertoire includes mostly songs of the latest record and adding a few blues classics: this record is a must for blues rock music lovers. Besides some excessive guitarsolos there is also the bass solo and the drum solo on the record to capture an entire evening with Paul, Roland and Tom. Totally there are over 2 hours on this double cd




Following studio productions with Popa Chubby (2004), Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi (2007) and Cream lyricist Pete Brown (2009), Paul Camilleri has now completed his sixth album after many hours of jamming with his band. The most catchy riffs and enthralling performances found their way onto „One Step Closer“: passionate and intense blues & rock at its best.


"One Step Closer" - Tour in Germany

Starting Tuesday 11, we will be playing a one week tour in Germany with the new cd "one step closer".

All tourdates and details are on the website. Tourdates


Paul Camilleri on tour in Germany

Starting February 19, we will be playing a two weeks tour in Germany with the actual cd "just what you wanted".
After a few concerts more in Switzerland we'll be in the studio to work on our next record.

All tourdates and details are on the website. Tourdates


New CD in September 2011

We will be in the studio in April and May to work on the next recording, which should be released in September 2011. In October we will be on tour again - more details will follow later in the year...


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